Where Are Yours?

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What if
they were
always with you?

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Safe as a vault, as easy to use as a wallet.

Join the WAULT Private Network


Be Safe.
Be Sure.
Be Trusted.

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Dear friends,

In a world increasingly connected and reliant on the Internet, we leave ourselves and our data more vulnerable than ever. I am particularly concerned about my kids. 

The Wymsical Team won first prize at an Israeli Fintech Hackathon by using the WAULT Private Network to safely and easily verify credentials for a mortgage application. Cloud partner Microsoft AZURE has provided development support and security validation. With a patent-pending, de-centralized process for authenticating you, the "owner", issuers may trust you to protect and control your information and 3rd parties may instantly verify your credentials and that you are the rightful owner. 

Since the Equifax breach of 145.5 Million Americans, let's face it, multiple people may present a duplicate of your "official" birth certificate or even claim your address. WAULT verifies that you are the owner.

Anchor Institutions, like Libraries and Universities, authenticate personal WAULT Owners. Issuers join the WAULT Private Network to connect with Authenticated WAULT Owners to safely and easily issue a certified credential. Third Parties unlock new value by on-boarding customers more quickly and separating real data from fake.  Join us on the WAULT Private Network. 

We are a women-run company and a growing member community that values a future when personal records may be instantly trusted.


Liwen Yaacoby
CEO & Co-Founder
Wymsical LLC