What is Wault?


A three-sided cybersecurity member network: 

  1. Institutions who care about privacy, issue certified documents from an enterprise WAULT to authenticate personal WAULT Owners.
  2. WAULT Owners protect personal documents and privately share through the network.
  3. Third parties view and verify through the free verifier on the member network app.

The WAULT network is a patent-pending distributed network in the cloud, protected by encryption, bank-grade security, and is HIPAA compliant, even when sharing electronically!

Library and University Institution network members, who have used paper documents to protect the privacy of personal information, are replacing paper with private electronic file-sharing on the WAULT member network.


Where can I get the app?


Individuals may join the WAULT member network by applying here. Individual WAULT memberships start at about the price of one Starbuck Latte a month. The WAULT app is available on the Apple App Store. You can download it on your iPhone or iPad here.


What if I don’t have an iPhone?


Click here to subscribe to the Android & Windows invitation mailing list.


What is an ID station?


An ID station is a member Institution who is trained to authenticate WAULT Owners. Your nearest ID station is displayed in the app.


What type of files can I store in the Wault?


Currently, the app supports image files, privately captured through the app and your phone's camera.


Can I send a document from my Wault to someone without the app?


Yes. The recipient will be prompted to download the App for free to securely view your document. When sharing with a WAULT Viewer, we recommend setting an expiration date on the share, or "unshare" afterwards.


How do I view or verify a document on the WAULT network? 


To view and verify documents shared by a personal WAULT Owner, on the WAULT member network, download the app on your iPhone or iPad for free here and click on the yellow check on the app welcome page.


Who is Wymsical?


Wymsical LLC is a company dedicated to developing technology that restores trust to relationships between individuals and institutions by empowering individuals to both own and be responsible for their own data. 


How can I become a partner Institution to authenticate WAULT Owners?


Progressive institutions value a future when personal individual digital records may be trusted, even when shared electronically. To apply to become a member Institution in the WAULT network click here.


Wait, I have another question!


Feel free to send an email to support@wault.tech  if your question isn’t listed on this website. We're always here to help!